Easecare Support Services – out and about supports- person centred supports 

Are you looking for Disability Support Services, Easecare provides a huge range of services which are suited to in-home and out in the community. We have a team of trained support workers to assist you in living independently. Our services are individualised and the people we serve are at the centre of the decision making. Easecare ensures that you and your family receive efficient and timely supports to meet your needs and achieve your personal goals.   

Why us?

Easecare always ensure that our support workers are compassionate and respectful towards people they support. They must provide care in a professional and ethical manner. Support workers are crucial in providing supports to people with disabilities and make their lives better and more enhancing. They can assist clients in connecting with the community, provide companionship and encourage living independently in their homes and out in the community. Disability support services are offered in-home and in the community.

How do we work?

Easecare support services starts with an initial assessment to gain a better understanding of your needs and the support you require. We take the time to learn what is important to you and will map a support worker best suited to your needs. Across our wide range of services, we always respond with experience, flexibility and care.


Out and about supports

Easecare is committed to working with you to dismantle barriers, change attitudes and promote positive attitudes to create opportunities for your full inclusion and participation in your community. Our Disability support workers, assist you to connect with the wider community. These support items enable a participant to engage in community, social and recreational activities. We can assist you in connecting with the community. Support you to the activities you enjoy and learning new skills. 

  • Support to community activities such as attending church, social disco 
  • Support to study, learn or volunteer such as men`s shed, literacy and numeracy programs 
  • Going to social activities: eating out, shopping 
  • Support to recreational: to see a movie or a concert, fitness activities


Person Centre Active Supports (PCAS) 

Easecare helps you to get the best value from your NDIS plan. We ensure that you are mapped with a suitable worker and get personalised supports. Easecare will ensure that all Support Staff are satisfactorily screened before they perform any services. Our disability support workers can provide respite to your loved ones and replace informal supports when required. They work on the model of PCAS also known as Person Centred Active Supports, where they work with you not for you. This encourages independence and reduces your dependence on others. Person-Centred support is a support that helps you live life in the way you want to. It means including you in everything, helping you live an independent life and making sure you get your human rights. Person-Centred Active Support (PCAS) is an approach to providing direct support. The goal of Active Support is to ensure that people with even the most significant disabilities have ongoing, daily support to be engaged in a variety of life activities and opportunities of their choice. Active Support is helping people to be actively, consistently, and meaningfully engaged in their own lives regardless of their support needs. 


  • Be Engaged: Doing things; Participating; Spending time with others; Making decisions; Making choices. People without disabilities spend nearly 90 % of their time in purposeful engagement. How does that compare?
  • Actively : Each day; Through-out the day whenever there is an opportunity; 
  • Consistently: With approaches that provide enough structure and predictability that people experience comfort, continuity, and have a better ability to be engaged; 
  • Meaningfully: In ways that increase competence and opportunity; in ways that help people be and stay connected to others (socially); in ways that provide enhanced esteem; in ways that are focused on needs, preferences, and goals of the person.  


In-home care services for adults and children with special needs

Be it children or adults with disability, sometimes they find it hard to do basic simple tasks on their own. They require assistance for personal care and community participation. They need support to achieve their goals. At times it becomes quite tough for parents and guardians to look after them on their own. This is where disability service providers come in to fill the gap and provide support services for children with special needs.

  • Self-care activities– the service try to make the people with disability self-dependent in their personal basic activities. They help them to develop their skills in stuffs like eating food, changing clothes, taking showers, personal hygiene, medication and more. 


    •  Household chores– the service try to make the children learn about how to maintain their environment. The assistants can help you learn household chores like cleaning utensils, washing clothes, maintain the rooms and beds, cooking their meal etc. These will make the children learn to live on their own. They will stop depending on others. 

  • Social Participation– the service providers assist the children to connect with the people in a society or a community. They can support for attending church, studying in groups. All these make them able to mix with others in their surroundings. They get to learn new skills and enhance their personality by meeting new people.
  • Transportation– the disability service providers Victoria helps in transporting the children with special needs to transport from one place to another. For example- attending schools for education, getting into hospital for treatment. 


Most of the children with special needs live in their own homes with their family and In this case, in home care support services are quite helpful for the parents. It gives much needed respite to the parents and helps in raising independent adults. Here, the children get the advantage of receiving both formal and informal supports. 

Every child has the right to receive the best care, children with special needs are no different. You should take the right decision for their well-being. Explore well about the several services provided in detail over online platforms. Then choose the best one suitable for your child. They deserve the best possible assistance for their development.