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Easecare provides a wide range of services suited to in-home care and  community access. Our services range from a few hours of respite support to overnight shifts.


How does it work?

Easecare support services starts with an initial assessment to gain a better understanding of your needs and the support you require. We take the time to learn what is important to you and will map a support worker best suited to your needs. Across our wide range of services, we always respond with experience, flexibility and care. 

Easecare for in-home care and community support services to assist you with living independently.

Once we have a detailed understanding of your requirement, we map a support worker best suited to your needs. Besides offering support services and matching you with the right person, Easecare services are delivered with empathy and compassion; creating a better world where everyone can co-exist in peace and harmony.
At Easecare, the focus is on:  
  • Offering professional in-home care and community support services.
  • Mapping well trained and thoroughly screened support workers, according to NDIS-Standards, to offer quality support services as required.
  • providing Easecare Support Services for a couple of hours and around the clock.
  • Delivering an extensive range of support services including assistance with daily activities and household tasks in your home, community access, participating in social and civic activities, and development of daily living activities.
  • to provide good value for your NDIS package. 
  • Access to Easecare Support Services in and around the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. 
If you require in-home care or supports in the community, get in touch with us, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.  Easecare in-home care services assist you with living independently and safely in the comfort of your own home. Our community access supports are meant to assist you in pursuing an independent lifestyle in a secure and reliable way. Easecare Support Services work around a personalised care regime that helps in optimising your daily life in the best possible way. Each participant is pivotal to decision making and chooses how the supports are delivered. Competent and trained Easecare support workers assist you with in-home care and community supports. Supports are provided from basic and essential routine activities related to personal hygiene like toilet support, showering, dressing; to, helping you with household work like light house chores, cooking, meal preparation, taking medicines on time, and helping you move out of the bed, and within your home. Easecare Support Services provide committed support workers to assist you with living independently in your home and out in the community. We pride ourselves in being culturally and linguistically diverse organisation that employs and supports people from diverse backgrounds and promotes an inclusive society.
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Whether you are a case manager, allied health professional or support coordinator, we look forward to working collaboratively with you.

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